Thursday, November 30, 2017

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Smartphone Review

Beginning in November 2017, Xiaomi introduce one more smartphone products that will belong to the ranks of the latest Redmi Note smartphone, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A. Slightly different from other Redmi Note ranks, Redmi Note 5A will be more focused on smartphone for entry level market rather than middle range like the previous series, but still sponsor big screen and battery capacity.

Review .Hack // G.U. - Last Recode

When we talk about a theme of the story where the main karaker gets trapped and fights in an MMORPG world to solve problems that may be entrenched in the real world, most of you will probably immediately name Sword Art Online. The last name of this one is so popular with the fan base of fans anime spread all over the world. But for the more "older" generation that could live in the era of Playstation 2, the theme is not something new and different. In the hands of CyberConnect2, it has become part of the .Hack story that is divided into two big names - SIGN and G.U. They even managed to build not only the world, but also the type of gameplay that represents the theme well.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

How to Fix "Unfortunately Has Stopped" on Android Smartphone

Fix "Unfortunately Has Stopped" on Android Smartphone. Error problems in the Settings feature or settings on Android smartphones and tablets sometimes make users feel confused and upset. An error message that reads "Unfortunately Has Stopped" makes the user unable to perform multitasking activities at all, even to open the screen-it was very difficult.

How to Fix "Unfortunately Has Been Stopped" Process on OPPO Smartphones

Troubleshooting Has Stopped on OPPO Smartphone. UI system has a very important role in setting the User Interface on the OPPO Screen. User Interface I mean here can be directly related to themes, wallpapers, icons, fonts, and more. As if the UI System encountered problems such as raises an error message, usually the screen will be blank or stuck or can not be moved at all. And even other cases UI systems continue to appear and make the user can not do multitasking activity at all.

How to Fix "Unfortunately Process Has Stopped" on ASUS Smartphone

Overcome "Unfortunately Process Has Stopped" on the ASUS smartphone. UI system becomes one of the parts that often raises an error message that reads "Unfortunately Process Has Stopped". Not only on ASUS devices, it also happens on other Android devices like OPPO, Lenovo, Samsung, Xiaomi, Advan, and more. The UI system regulates the performance of multitasking users, and if the UI system occurs a problem, then usually the user can not maximize in performing multitasking activities that exist.

How to Fix Unfortunately Process Has Stopped in Xiaomi Smartphone

Overcome "Unfortunately Process Has Stopped" in Xiaomi. UI system or if the Xiaomi is the UI System is one of the most important part that maximizes User Interface running on an Android device. Usually UI System greatly affect the look or interface of Xiaomi devices. And if this part raises an error message that reads "Unfortunately Process Has Stopped" then the user can not do multitasking activity at all.

How to Fix "Unfortunately WhatsApp Has Stopped" on Android

Top Tips to Overcome WhatsApp Messages Error "Unfortunately WhatsApp Has Stop" on Android. One of the most popular instant messenger apps and ranked # 1 in the world is #WhatsApp. WhatsApp is becoming very popular thanks to its unique features and easy and simple way of using them. Only by phone number, Android users can register on WhatsApp, no need to use Gmail or Yahoo email.


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